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doc/gpt.txt: this is now fully implemented
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@@ -63,9 +63,7 @@ partition entry), except that the information is provided
synthetically. The MBR-compatible fields are directly usable if they
are < 2 TB, otherwise these fields should contain 0xFFFFFFFF and the
OS will need to understand the GPT partition entry which follows the
-MBR one. The "!GPT" magic number in EAX and the 0xEE partition type
+MBR one. The "!GPT" magic number in EAX and the 0xED partition type
also informs the OS that the GPT partition information is present.
-Currently, this is compatible with Syslinux as long as the Syslinux
-partition is < 2 TB; this probably will be improved in a future
+Syslinux 4.00 and later fully implements this protocol.