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* Create libinstaller; actually implement boot-once for extlinuxH. Peter Anvin2007-12-141-41/+0
* RAID mode installer support for SYSLINUXsyslinux-3.50-pre18H. Peter Anvin2007-06-011-4/+2
* Remove CVS-era $Id$ tags.H. Peter Anvin2006-08-171-1/+0
* Across-the-board stealth whitespace cleanupH. Peter Anvin2006-05-031-1/+1
* Add MBR-writing options to the Win32 installer. Probably should besyslinux-3.00-pre3hpa2004-12-221-0/+5
* Beef up the sanity checking of the boot sector. For really better checkinghpa2004-12-191-1/+1
* Adjust the interface to syslxmod.c so the DOS installer doesn't needhpa2004-12-151-1/+1
* More adjustment to the Brave New World<TM>hpa2004-12-151-0/+1
* Prepping for new 2.20 version: rewrite main syslinux program to supporthpa2004-12-151-1/+4
* Update copyright headers.hpa2004-12-141-4/+4
* Add support for building under klibc.hpa2004-06-131-1/+1
* New win32 installer; librarize some stuffsyslinux-2.05-pre3hpa2003-07-111-0/+3
* Header file for syslinux libraryhpa2003-01-301-0/+32