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* Allow explicit position of menus; from Murali Krishnansyslinux-2.09-pre14hpa2004-04-221-2/+16
* Use simple malloc() to allocate memoryhpa2004-02-251-109/+121
* Menu upgrades from Murali.syslinux-2.09-pre11hpa2004-02-061-47/+86
* Patch from Murali for windowing support and a much cleaner interface;hpa2004-02-041-291/+317
* Handle menu width properlysyslinux-2.09-pre6hpa2004-02-031-12/+14
* Make it all work better... remove use of DOS routines while expectinghpa2004-02-031-272/+279
* Menu system from Muralihpa2004-02-021-0/+407