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* Module unloading & cleanup, and dependency info.elflink-oldStefan Bucur2008-06-173-20/+143
* Implemented the module loading using stream functions.Stefan Bucur2008-06-172-107/+126
* Implemented support for GNU hash tables.Stefan Bucur2008-06-154-3/+90
* The first functional prototype of module linking.Stefan Bucur2008-06-126-51/+129
* Implemented symbol verification and global searching.Stefan Bucur2008-06-114-22/+222
* Fixed the Linux linked list implementation dependencies.Stefan Bucur2008-06-111-8/+21
* Added support for searching symbolsStefan Bucur2008-06-116-3/+60
* Extracted symbol information from the ELF file.Stefan Bucur2008-06-113-46/+83
* The dynamic link entries are read from the ELF object.Stefan Bucur2008-06-101-1/+82
* Implemented logic for segment loading.Stefan Bucur2008-06-103-14/+156
* Created the basic module infrastructure.Stefan Bucur2008-06-096-64/+785
* Removed the redundant elf.h header.Stefan Bucur2008-06-063-190/+6
* Implemented section and symbol table headers.Stefan Bucur2008-06-063-5/+125
* Implemented and tested ELF header structure.Stefan Bucur2008-06-062-0/+143
* Created a makefile and a test application.Stefan Bucur2008-06-064-1/+59
* ELF loading development started.Stefan Bucur2008-06-061-0/+14