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* com32/libutil/Makefile: Duplicate spotless targetGene Cumm2009-02-281-2/+0
* entrydump: trivial program to probe PXE entry conditionsH. Peter Anvin2009-02-182-1/+63
* syslinux_derivative_info(): use the buffer we already haveH. Peter Anvin2009-02-182-5/+4
* Constructed data objects can't be common; hack derivative_infoH. Peter Anvin2009-02-183-34/+64
* getcwd.c: need <string.h>H. Peter Anvin2009-02-181-0/+1
* kbdmap.c: clean up stealth whitespaceH. Peter Anvin2009-02-181-4/+2
* Simple "cmd" module to issue a CLI commandsyslinux-3.74-pre1Michael Brown2009-02-172-1/+43
* COM32 module: Read-Only shellGene Cumm2009-02-155-1/+1024
* Merge branch 'master' into dirH. Peter Anvin2009-02-152-4/+6
| * COM32 libutil: Fix error in flags in console_ansi_std(void)Gene Cumm2009-02-151-1/+1
| * ifcpu64: fix handing with less than three argumentsH. Peter Anvin2009-02-151-3/+5
* | COM32 API: Add functions for directory useGene Cumm2009-02-109-0/+220
* kbdmap.c32: new module to load a keyboard map dynamicallyH. Peter Anvin2009-02-032-1/+57
* Add comboot interface to access the keyboard remapping tableH. Peter Anvin2009-02-033-0/+98
* Merge branch 'master' into uiH. Peter Anvin2009-01-252-1/+40
| * config.c32: new module to just load a configuration fileH. Peter Anvin2009-01-252-1/+40
* | Add new "UI" directive instead of abusing the DEFAULT directiveH. Peter Anvin2008-12-142-1/+44
* mboot.c: prefer ELF header over multiboot headersyslinux-3.73-pre6Ralf Ertzinger2008-10-201-63/+57
* mboot.c32: add <stdint.h> and <stdbool.h>syslinux-3.73-pre5H. Peter Anvin2008-10-191-0/+2
* mboot.c32: reorganize print messagesH. Peter Anvin2008-10-191-8/+7
* mboot.c32: change DHCP_ACK_SIZE to 2048H. Peter Anvin2008-10-191-1/+1
* mboot.c32: add Solaris modeRalf Ertzinger2008-10-191-0/+43
* com32: make _Exit just an ordinary symbolH. Peter Anvin2008-10-142-5/+8
* Older binutils wants parens around macrosDag Wieers2008-10-141-1/+1
* meminfo: update to deal with ACPI 3 and other braindamageH. Peter Anvin2008-10-131-3/+14
* e820: pre-initialize bufferH. Peter Anvin2008-10-131-0/+2
* com32/lib: fix reversed test when looking for extattr in e820H. Peter Anvin2008-10-131-1/+1
* Support "extended attributes" for INT 15h, AX=E820hH. Peter Anvin2008-10-131-1/+8
* Move vesainfo.c32 from "samples" to "modules"H. Peter Anvin2008-10-133-2/+2
* Add CD-ROM mode query to the COM32 interfaceH. Peter Anvin2008-10-101-1/+1
* Remove line-leading gas-style comments in files compiled with -std=gnu99H. Peter Anvin2008-09-263-45/+47
* setjmp.S: use C-style commentsH. Peter Anvin2008-09-261-15/+15
* Fix "make clean" confusionsyslinux-3.72H. Peter Anvin2008-09-256-10/+15
* com32/lib: fix "make clean" by proper parens for "find"H. Peter Anvin2008-09-251-1/+1
* simple menu: make "menu default" work after "menu begin"H. Peter Anvin2008-09-221-1/+5
* ansicon, vesacon: beep on ^GH. Peter Anvin2008-09-094-0/+16
* menu: quiet warnings in drain_keyboard()syslinux-3.72-pre5H. Peter Anvin2008-09-081-2/+2
* sdi.c32: Change SDIReserved -> MDBTypeH. Peter Anvin2008-09-081-1/+1
* sdi.c32: verify the header checksumRemi Lefevre2008-09-081-0/+33
* Merge commit 'stefanha/gdbstub'H. Peter Anvin2008-09-086-0/+1006
| * Fix GDB protocol flow control issuesStefan Hajnoczi2008-08-301-7/+5
| * Add GDB stubStefan Hajnoczi2008-08-296-16/+874
| * Relocating COM32 moduleStefan Hajnoczi2008-08-282-0/+150
* | sdi.c32: credit where credit is dueH. Peter Anvin2008-09-021-1/+2
* | sdi.c32: support gzipped SDI imagesH. Peter Anvin2008-09-021-1/+1
* | Add pxechain.com; new modules direction; reorganize installationH. Peter Anvin2008-08-272-4/+0
* menu: avoid leaving obvious password turds in memoryH. Peter Anvin2008-08-265-12/+57
* Clean up embedded Makefile targets; fix build failureH. Peter Anvin2008-08-222-6/+6
* Major Makefile cleanups; gcc 4.3.0 compatiblityH. Peter Anvin2008-08-206-254/+82
* pci: fix pci_scan()Sebastian Herbszt2008-08-121-2/+4