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* Added source comments to some internal routines.Stefan Bucur2009-03-151-3/+34
* Moved the elfutils.h header in a private location.Stefan Bucur2009-03-156-8/+42
* Implemented the 'list' command in the CLI.Stefan Bucur2009-03-153-5/+25
* Exported the module list head + iterator defined.Stefan Bucur2009-03-154-11/+6
* Fixed a bug that permitted duplicate modules.Stefan Bucur2009-03-154-4/+20
* Moved the execution layer API in klibc tree.Stefan Bucur2009-03-151-0/+168
* Added a new execution API on top of the module API.Stefan Bucur2009-03-152-3/+11
* Polished some debug messages.Stefan Bucur2009-03-151-2/+0
* Created a simple quick sort module.Stefan Bucur2009-03-154-4/+4
* Reorganized the module system in a consistent API.Stefan Bucur2009-03-155-0/+1273