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diff --git a/menu/complex.c b/menu/complex.c
index fd2ef1c8..94963474 100644
--- a/menu/complex.c
+++ b/menu/complex.c
@@ -152,11 +152,15 @@ int menumain(char *cmdline)
PREP = add_menu(" Prep options ");
baseurl = add_item("baseurl by IP?","Specify gui baseurl by IP address",OPT_CHECKBOX,"baseurl",0);
mountcd = add_item("mountcd?","Mount the cdrom drive?",OPT_CHECKBOX,"mountcd",0);
+ add_sep();
network = add_item("network?","Try to initialise network device?",OPT_CHECKBOX,"network",1);
dhcp = add_item("dhcp?","Use dhcp to get ipaddr?",OPT_CHECKBOX,"dhcp",1);
+ add_sep();
winrep = add_item("Reinstall windows","Re-install the windows side of a dual boot setup",OPT_CHECKBOX,"winrepair",0);
linrep = add_item("Reinstall linux","Re-install the linux side of a dual boot setup",OPT_CHECKBOX,"linrepair",0);
+ add_sep();
runprep = add_item("Run prep now","Execute prep with the above options",OPT_RUN,"prep",0);
+ add_item("Exit this menu","Go up one level",OPT_EXITMENU,"exitmenu",0);
baseurl->handler = &checkbox_handler;
mountcd->handler = &checkbox_handler;
network->handler = &checkbox_handler;