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+ Text User Interface using comboot
+ ---------------------------------
+This is a menu system written by Murali Krishnan Ganapathy and ported
+from OpenWatcom to gcc by HPA.
+To configure the menus, you need to set up main.c to have the menu
+items you desire, then build the menu system using make. You can use
+either simple.c or complex.c as a starting point for your own main.c.
+The resulting code runs both under DOS as well as SYSLINUX.
+Currently, menu items, submenus and checkboxes are supported.
+The keys used are:
+* Arrow Keys, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End Keys
+* Space to switch state of a checkbox
+* Enter to choose the item
+* Escape to exit from it
+* The Watcom developers and Peter Anvin for figuring out the
+ startup code.
+- Murali
+P.S: I know that the choice of colors are not exactly the best
+(in fact they are horrible). If you know a better choice of colors
+I would be happy to change my defaults to your suggested ones.