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@@ -89,6 +89,9 @@ default if it cannot find any configuration file at all; instead it
will reboot after the timeout interval has expired. This keeps a
machine from getting stuck indefinitely due to a boot server failure.
+Starting in release 3.50, PXELINUX displays network information at
+the boot prompt pressing <Ctrl-N>.
PXELINUX does not support MTFTP, and I have no plans of doing so, as
MTFTP is inherently broken for files more than 65535 packets (about
92 MB) in size. It is of course possible to use MTFTP for the initial
@@ -405,7 +408,6 @@ load PXELINUX. See:
The following problems are known with PXELINUX, so far:
-+ Requires a TFTP server which supports the "tsize" option.
+ The error recovery routine doesn't work quite right. For right now,
it just does a hard reset - seems good enough.
+ We should probably call the UDP receive function in the keyboard