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+For creators of Linux distributions:
+SYSLINUX is a notoriously hard program to debug, since it runs outside
+of any operating system, and has a tendency to expose BIOS and
+hardware bugs on various systems. Therefore, I would appreciate if
+you would resist the temptation of recompiling the SYSLINUX bootloader
+itself (ldlinux.asm) if at all possible. If you do that, I will have
+to refer any bug reports I receive back to the respective distributor.
+However, I have no such concerns about recompiling the installer
+programs, and in fact, with both libc 5 and libc 6 in common use in
+the Linux world today I understand if you wish to relink the
+Linux-based installer against your system version of libc. Therefore
+a special makefile targets "make installer" has been included with the
+SYSLINUX distribution, starting with version 1.42.
+To rebuild the installer programs *only*, starting from a freshly
+untarred distribution copy of SYSLINUX, do:
+ make clean
+ make installer
+If you want to remove all intermediate files, including the ones
+obtained from assembling ldlinux.asm and which are included in the
+distribution, do "make spotless".
+I appreciate your assistance in this matter.
+ H. Peter Anvin