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advanced menu patch
Python code to generate C code from ini-like file format and changes to libmenu to accomodate a one pass parser. Diff is against 3.20-pre3 - Murali
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To configure the menus, you need to set up a menu configuration file
to have the menu items you desire, then build the menu system using
make. You can use either simple.c or complex.c as a starting point
-for your own menu configuration file; then add the name with a .c32
-extension to the MENUS list in the Makefile.
+for your own menu configuration file; If your menu system is only going
+to have entries corresponding to things which can be executed directly,
+then you can create a file in ".menu" format instead of the C code.
+NOTE: ".menu" files can only describe the very basic type of menus
+See MENU_FORMAT for the syntax of .menu files
The resulting code is a 32-bit COMBOOT code, and hence can be executed
only under syslinux. You can use tools like bochs to help debug your