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Menu improvements from Murali
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@@ -14,7 +14,14 @@ The resulting code runs both under DOS as well as SYSLINUX. A trivial
memory allocation routine is implemented, to reduce the memory footprint
of this utility.
-Currently, menu items, submenus and checkboxes are supported.
+Features currently supported are:
+* menu items,
+* submenus,
+* disabled items,
+* checkboxes,
+* invisible items (useful for dynamic menus), and
+* Radio menus
The keys used are:
@@ -23,10 +30,36 @@ The keys used are:
* Enter to choose the item
* Escape to exit from it
+This is a general purpose menu system implemented using only BIOS calls,
+so it can be executed in a COMBOOT environment as well. It is highly
+customizable. Some features include:
+* Status line
+ Display any help information associated with each menu item.
+* Window
+ Specify a window within which the menu system draws all its menu's.
+ It is upto the user to ensure that the menu's fit within the window.
+* Positioning submenus
+ By default, each submenu is positioned just below the corresponding
+ entry of the parent menu. However, the user may position each menu
+ at a specific location of his choice. This is useful, when the menu's
+ have lots of options.
+* Registering handlers for each menu item
+ This is mainly used for checkboxes, where selecting a checkbox, may
+ result in disabling another menu item, or de-selecting another
+ checkbox.
+* Global Handler
+ This is called every time the menu is redrawn. The user can display
+ additional information (usually outside the window where the menu is
+ being displayed). See the complex.c for an example, where the global
+ handler is used to display the choices made so far.
-* The Watcom developers and Peter Anvin for figuring out the
- startup code.
+* The Watcom developers and Peter Anvin for figuring out an OS
+ independent startup code.
- Murali (gmurali+guicd@cs.uchicago.edu)