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+mboot.c32 is a 32-bit comboot module that allows SYSLINUX and its
+variants to load and boot kernels that use the Multiboot standard
+(e.g. the Xen virtual machine monitor, and the Fiasco and GNU Mach
+To load a multiboot kernel and modules in SYSLINUX, put mboot.c32 (from
+com32/modules) in the boot directory, and load it as the "kernel" in the
+configuration file. The command-line to pass to mboot.c32 is the kernel
+command-line, followed by all the module command lines, separated with
+'---'. For example, to load a Xen VMM, xenlinux and an initrd:
+DEFAULT mboot.c32 xen.gz dom0_mem=15000 nosmp noacpi --- linux.gz console=tty0 root=/dev/hda1 --- initrd.img
+or, as a choice in a menu:
+ KERNEL mboot.c32
+ APPEND xen.gz dom0_mem=15000 nosmp noacpi --- linux.gz console=tty0 root=/dev/hda1 --- initrd.img
+mboot.c32 requires version 2.12 or later of SYSLINUX.
+Tim Deegan, May 2005