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Minor cleanup/updates of the list.
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- Clean up the command-line parsing.
- Cleaned up documentation, with a real man page.
- Support for clusters larger than 16K. This would require changing
a lot of the SYSLINUX internals so we can read partial clusters;
change the current "cluster pointers" to become
"cluster:sector pointers". (32K may be doable.) Microsoft
documentation claims that 32K is the maximum legal value although
"some versions of some systems allow 64K".
- EBIOS support.
- FAT32 support?
- Support initrd that span multiple input media?
- Support a small set of DOS system calls for COMBOOT images? Serial
console support makes this particularly desirable; otherwise the
user could just use the BIOS I/O calls, but that won't work with the
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4Ch - Terminate program
... in addition to INT 20h (Terminate program), of course.
+- Factor out common and filesystem-specific code into files, even if
+ they have to be %includes rather than genuine modules.