BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ady_catady2.c32: For testing a bug reported by Ady2Shao Miller9 years
boot_argsifcpuXX: Support multiple parameters with labelsShao Miller11 years
chain_freeldrchain: Support loading ReactOS' FreeLdrShao Miller10 years
chain_gptchain: Support booting GPT partition by labelShao Miller11 years
chain_updatecom32/chain: (partiter) add cebr_siz for completnessMichal Soltys9 years
com32lib_diskchain.c32, libcom32: Move gpt_dump() as disk_gpt_header_dump()Shao Miller11 years
com32lib_disk2chain.c32, libcom32: Move gpt_dump() as disk_gpt_header_dump()Shao Miller11 years
cpiofscpio: Initial skeleton for cpio filesystem supportShao Miller10 years
cpiofs2[cpiofs] Introduce skeletonShao Miller5 years
efildr_hackchain.c32: Support for tianocore EDK2 DUET EFILDRShao Miller9 years
efilinuxefi: Fix a memory map buffer releaseShao Miller9 years
eltorito_scanupeltorito: Scan upwards instead of downwardsShao Miller11 years
enuffienuffi: Special booting helper environmentShao Miller10 years
filldosutil: Simple FILL command to fill empty FS spaceShao Miller11 years
for_gertTESTING: MEMDISK, MDISKCHK.COM, ELTORITO.SYS binaries for GertShao Miller11 years
for_hpawin32: Use libinstaller option parserShao Miller11 years
gert_chainchain.c32: pass partition number to stage2 of Grub LegacyGert Hulselmans11 years
hexdumphexdump.c32: Simple file hex-dumperShao Miller9 years
ifmemdskifmemdsk.c32: Allow boot options based on presence of MEMDISKShao Miller10 years
ifplopifplop: COM32 module for detection of PLoP USB boot-loaderGert Hulselmans11 years
jason_vmemdisk: memdskprobedbg binary for testingShao Miller10 years
libinstaller_dosextlinux, linux: Ignore --force in these installersShao Miller11 years
libinstaller_dos_wipdos: Work-in-progress 2Shao Miller11 years
masterRevert "win: Add -mno-ms-bitfields"H. Peter Anvin9 years
mdiskchk_enh2mdiskchk: Support three new featuresShao Miller11 years
mdiskchk_winwin: Add mdiskchk and pmem driverShao Miller9 years
mdiskchk_winbinwin: Add 32-bit mdiskchk binaryShao Miller9 years
memdisk_c32memdisk.c32: A little furtherShao Miller11 years
memdskprobememdisk: Fix INT 0x13, AH==0x15 disk drive probeShao Miller10 years
multi_initrdinitramfs chain handling: Accounting fixes for padding, etc.Shao Miller9 years
multi_initrd-5.00-pre9initramfs chain handling: Accounting fixes for padding, etc.Shao Miller9 years
multi_initrd2-5.00-pre9initramfs chain handling: Accounting fixes for padding, etc.Shao Miller9 years
newnessNEWS: Document mdiskchk.com and eltorito.sys changesShao Miller11 years
nictypenictype.c32: Accept --label and --fallback optionsShao Miller8 years
ntfs_2012-10-26ntfs: Deal with fragmented directoriesShao Miller9 years
ntfs_frag_mftntfs: Rework block, cluster, MFT record fetchingShao Miller9 years
pcacjr_ntfsntfs: Check for disk read error during FS probingShao Miller10 years
pcacjr_ntfs2ntfs: Very minor cosmetic changesShao Miller10 years
searchdir_leak-406fs: Fix searchdir resource leakShao Miller8 years
searchdir_leak-5fs: Fix searchdir resource leakShao Miller8 years
soltys_chain_upd_v3com32/chain: fix potential problem with 'fs' optionMichal Soltys8 years
soltys_chaindevMerge branch 'master' into chaindevMichal Soltys10 years
soltys_disklibdevdisklib: clarify comments, remove redundant code, extra checksMichal Soltys11 years