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authorSebastian Herbszt <herbszt@gmx.de>2012-10-14 15:38:25 +0200
committerMatt Fleming <matt.fleming@intel.com>2012-10-15 08:55:17 +0100
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comboot: fix documentation
comapi_shuffle was obsoleted in 3.80. Signed-off-by: Sebastian Herbszt <herbszt@gmx.de> Signed-off-by: Matt Fleming <matt.fleming@intel.com>
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diff --git a/doc/comboot.txt b/doc/comboot.txt
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--- a/doc/comboot.txt
+++ b/doc/comboot.txt
@@ -627,57 +627,7 @@ AX=0010h [3.00] Resolve hostname [PXELINUX]
AX=0011h [3.05] Obsoleted in 3.80
-AX=0012h [3.50] Cleanup, shuffle and boot
- Input: AX 0012h
- DX derivative-specific flags (see function 000Ch)
- ES:DI shuffle descriptor list (must be in low memory)
- CX number of shuffle descriptors
- EBX(!) initial value of EDX after bootstrap
- ESI initial value of ESI after bootstrap
- DS initial value of DS after bootstrap
- EBP CS:IP of routine to jump to
- Output: Does not return
- (if CX is too large the routine returns with CF=1)
- This routine performs final cleanup, then performs a sequence
- of copies, and jumps to a specified real mode entry point.
- This is a more general version of function 000Dh, which can
- also be used to load other types of programs.
- The copies must not touch memory below address 7C00h.
- ES:DI points to a list of CX descriptors each of the form:
- Offset Size Meaning
- 0 dword destination address
- 4 dword source address
- 8 dword length in bytes
- The copies are overlap-safe, like memmove().
- Starting in version 3.50, if the source address is -1
- (FFFFFFFFh) then the block specified by the destination
- address and the length is set to all zero.
- Starting in version 3.50, if the destination address is -1
- (FFFFFFFFh) then the data block is loaded as a new set of
- descriptors, and processing is continued (and unprocessed
- descriptors are lost, this is thus typically only used as the
- last descriptor in a block.) The block must still fit in the
- internal descriptor buffer (see function 0011h), but can, of
- course, itself chain another block.
- Normal boot sectors expect DL to contain the drive number,
- and, for hard drives (DL >= 80h) DS:SI to contain a pointer to
- the 16-byte partition table entry. The memory between
- 600h-7FFh is available to put the partition table entry in.
- For PXELINUX, if the PXE stack is not unloaded, all registers
- (except DS, ESI and EDX) and the stack will be set up as they
- were set up by the PXE ROM.
- This interface was probably broken before version 3.50.
+AX=0012h [3.50] Obsoleted in 3.80
AX=0013h [3.08] Idle loop call