path: root/memdisk/dskprobe.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* memdisk/dskprobe.c: Add status check to probes 08h and 41hGene Cumm2011-04-011-0/+2
* memdisk/dskprobe: Align all INT13h probe debug outputGene Cumm2011-01-301-3/+3
* memdisk/dskprobe: reorder the debug output in probe_int13h_41h to matchGene Cumm2011-01-261-2/+2
* memdisk/dskprobe: Be consistent in debug outputGene Cumm2011-01-261-0/+4
* memdisk/dskprobe: Reorder operations to compact the debug outputGene Cumm2011-01-261-8/+13
* memdisk/dskprobe: Code cleanupGene Cumm2011-01-261-2/+1
* memdisk/dskprobe: Use status of last command to affect presentGene Cumm2011-01-261-3/+2
* memdisk/dskprobe: Show the status of the last command when debuggingGene Cumm2011-01-261-0/+35
* memdisk/dskprobe: Increase the debug outputGene Cumm2011-01-261-5/+8
* memdisk/dskprobe.c: Additional checks in INT13h AH08h and AH41hShao Miller2011-01-261-2/+2
* memdisk: Fix INT 0x13, AH==0x15 disk drive probeShao Miller2011-01-251-1/+1
* memdisk: Enhance disk-probe debugging outputShao Miller2011-01-251-20/+77
* memdisk: Make debug-mode a tad prettierShao Miller2011-01-241-12/+22
* [memdisk] Add disk probing code to support a drive shifting limitShao Miller2009-08-031-0/+114