path: root/com32/modules/sanboot.c
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* Use pxe_call() instead of COMBOOT APIMatt Fleming2012-07-201-10/+1
* Delete all references to __com32.cs_bounceMatt Fleming2012-06-081-1/+4
* com32: Do not use hard-coded values for PXE flagsPaulo Alcantara2012-05-121-1/+3
* com32: console is already initialised when we enter main()Matt Fleming2011-04-261-2/+0
* com32: Avoid gpxe detection code duplicationErwan Velu2009-12-041-52/+1
* Run Nindent on com32/modules/sanboot.cH. Peter Anvin2009-05-291-71/+71
* gPXE SAN boot moduleH. Peter Anvin2008-03-281-0/+140