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* Implement 'child return' examples and support.Luciano Wolf2009-11-304-0/+131
* Added tests for something like QLayout.Hugo Lima2009-11-309-1/+191
* Add the generator flag "enable-parent-ctor-heuristic".Hugo Lima2009-11-302-6/+1
* Added method to take care of the details of ownership transfer to C++.Marcelo Lira2009-11-302-0/+65
* Fixed some typos in tests' comments.Marcelo Lira2009-11-302-2/+2
* Wrapper invalidation method recursively updates children objects status.Marcelo Lira2009-11-301-3/+12
* Some fixing and refactoring for the ObjectType test class.Marcelo Lira2009-11-302-32/+35
* Fix objects/points methods to return a list + fix example using them.Luciano Wolf2009-11-273-9/+34
* Use map instead of list inside BlackBox class.Luciano Wolf2009-11-273-43/+52
* Fix identation of generated code for C++ wrapper destructor.Marcelo Lira2009-11-271-1/+1
* Add test for delete child in pythonLauro Neto2009-11-272-0/+51
* Adding test for deleting parentLauro Neto2009-11-271-3/+7
* Add invalidate parent testLauro Neto2009-11-271-0/+49
* Add test for deleting child in cppLauro Neto2009-11-271-0/+49
* Add removeChild and killChild to ObjectType testLauro Neto2009-11-272-7/+27
* Add parent tags for ObjectType class.Hugo Lima2009-11-271-0/+10
* Small fixes for parent/child unit testsHugo Lima2009-11-271-9/+3
* Adding test for deleting parentLauro Neto2009-11-271-0/+79
* Test ownership transfer from Python to C++Luciano Wolf2009-11-274-3/+10
* Improving ownership transference tests.Luciano Wolf2009-11-272-16/+87
* Renaming -> KinderGarten to BlackBoxLuciano Wolf2009-11-276-31/+86
* Added tests for the validity of Python wrappers used as method arguments.Marcelo Lira2009-11-267-2/+229
* Python arguments are now checked for Python wrapper validity.Marcelo Lira2009-11-262-19/+67
* Fixed visibility for multiple derived test classes.Marcelo Lira2009-11-251-9/+9
* Merged with multipleinheritance branchMarcelo Lira2009-11-255-84/+301
| * Added new cases to multiple inheritance tests.Marcelo Lira2009-11-182-12/+90
| * improved multiple inheritance tests with a myriad of new casesMarcelo Lira2009-11-185-81/+220
* | Add overload dependency on PyObjectLauro Neto2009-11-252-1/+13
* | Adding test case for sorting overload dataLauro Neto2009-11-257-0/+189
* | Added an PyObject* specialization to the Conversion template toMarcelo Lira2009-11-245-0/+124
* | Updated libsample classes that are missing the LIBSAMPLE_API macro.Marcelo Lira2009-11-244-6/+10
* | Added tests for classes with virtual and non-virtual protected methods,Marcelo Lira2009-11-2410-3/+335
* | Added unit test for virtual destructor.Marcelo Lira2009-11-245-0/+65
* | Added visibility rules to libsample.Hugo Lima2009-11-2328-72/+168
* | Uses __FUNCTION__ instead of __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, which is a GCC extension.Hugo Lima2009-11-236-28/+3
* | Removed the use of fileno from the SimpleFile test, since it is Linux specific.Marcelo Lira2009-11-232-9/+0
* | Added a great deal of tests to virtual method modification cases.Marcelo Lira2009-11-235-2/+300
* | Added a great deal of test cases for argument removal and modification.Marcelo Lira2009-11-233-0/+255
* | Added test case for method overloads with different return types.Marcelo Lira2009-11-202-0/+13
* | Updated the type system description of the sample binding to use theMarcelo Lira2009-11-191-6/+5
* Fixed C string toPython converter to return Py_None when a NULL pointerMarcelo Lira2009-11-183-9/+40
* Added features to manage basic ownership transference between C++Marcelo Lira2009-11-185-48/+94
* Added support for the type system "invalidate-after-use" argument modification.Marcelo Lira2009-11-185-4/+53
* Added the %PYTHONTYPEOBJECT type system variable, which is replacedMarcelo Lira2009-11-171-1/+1
* Added tests for various inject-code use cases.Hugo Lima2009-11-164-19/+218
* fixed how the generator deals with code injection for classes and methods;Marcelo Lira2009-11-132-11/+9
* added initial work for more complete code injection testsMarcelo Lira2009-11-136-0/+124
* Add visibility policies to libshiboken and for bindings generated by shiboken...Hugo Lima2009-11-121-0/+1
* Adding signed int/long/char to primitiveType dictLauro Neto2009-11-103-2/+12
* Adding external operator to Collector (stream)Lauro Neto2009-11-105-2/+34