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* Added tests for user added functions declared inside namespaces.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-302-0/+9
* Adding test for #212 - Overloads with enumsLauro Neto2010-04-303-1/+23
* Merge remote branch 'luck/fixprivctor'Luciano Wolf2010-04-235-0/+143
| * Support to "only private constructor available" case.Luciano Wolf2010-04-215-0/+143
* | Use qualified class name when callign a method like self->ClassName::method().Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-223-1/+13
* | Added support for enums inside classes inside namespaces.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-223-0/+6
* | Add test for classes and inner classes inside namespaces.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-225-2/+58
* | Add declaration of global functions on sample typesystem.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-221-3/+24
* | Fixed argument policy propagate.Renato Filho2010-04-223-2/+14
* Unit test for multiple derived classes.Renato Filho2010-04-121-2/+26
* Remove warnings about "deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'".Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-121-1/+1
* Better error messages when reimplementing virtual methods.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-082-1/+15
* Add another test case to multi_cpp_test.pyHugo Parente Lima2010-04-081-0/+30
* Adding test for mixed Python/C++ mult. inheritanceLauro Neto2010-04-081-0/+71
* Adding multiple inheritance + virtual method testLauro Neto2010-04-081-0/+83
* Added unit test for crash with references, None types and comparison functions.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-051-1/+6
* Do not segfault when a null pointer is passed to Str constructor.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-051-1/+2
* libsample's Point extended with a reverse operator defined in libother.Marcelo Lira2010-03-313-1/+72
* Extended extended reverse shift operator test.Marcelo Lira2010-03-311-3/+9
* Added some simple tests about multiple inheritance from two C++ objects.Hugo Lima2010-03-301-0/+70
* Adds test case for libsample's Size class copy constructor.Marcelo Lira2010-03-262-7/+14
* Fixes Converter<void*>::toPython method.Marcelo Lira2010-03-231-0/+6
* Adds tests to type system modifications regarding reference to pointer type.Marcelo Lira2010-03-224-0/+153
* Adding greedy method to CollectorLauro Neto2010-03-224-2/+28
* Adding OtherObjectType to libotherLauro Neto2010-03-227-0/+148
* Adds a test for a method with modifications and custom conversion rules.Marcelo Lira2010-03-193-1/+28
* Added a unit test to check the object-type hashability.Hugo Lima2010-03-191-1/+7
* Allow hash-function tag to be definied in object-types (Fix bug #186).Hugo Lima2010-03-193-1/+8
* Write enum checks before int, long and bool checks.Hugo Lima2010-03-181-2/+5
* Renamed templates used for conversions of containers.Hugo Lima2010-03-183-3/+3
* Changed the semantic of Converter<T>::isConvertible method.Hugo Lima2010-03-182-6/+15
* Added test for conversion of lists with invalid contents.Hugo Lima2010-03-181-0/+5
* added support for pure virtual methods returning void ptrsMatti Airas2010-03-176-0/+27
* fixed a typo in the test class nameMatti Airas2010-03-171-2/+2
* Merge branch 'master' into extensibleconversionsMarcelo Lira2010-03-046-2/+23
| * Merge remote branch 'hugopl/typediscovery2'Hugo Lima2010-03-036-2/+23
| |\
| | * Turn Number::m_value private to not cause problem when compiling with "avoid ...Hugo Lima2010-03-021-1/+1
| | * Use polymorphic-id-expression to discover the correct type of a C++ object.Hugo Lima2010-03-023-1/+8
| | * Add test for bug on the current type discovery algorithm.Hugo Lima2010-03-023-0/+14
* | | Adds tests for a class without implicit conversions being extended in another...Marcelo Lira2010-03-029-0/+180
* | | Generator now writes code to support extended conversions.Marcelo Lira2010-03-021-1/+1
|/ /
* / Refactored and documented base Converters.Marcelo Lira2010-03-022-4/+4
* Adds unit test for implicit conversion defined by a conversion operator.Marcelo Lira2010-03-013-0/+59
* Shiboken generator now supports references to pointers as arguments.Marcelo Lira2010-02-261-0/+3
* Added test for use of ObjectCopier of a type declared in other module.Hugo Lima2010-02-261-0/+3
* Fix bug#142.Hugo Lima2010-02-244-0/+50
* Fixed support for innerclass.Renato Filho2010-02-241-0/+38
* Adding default value for enum/flag constructorLauro Neto2010-02-231-0/+5
* Add hash function for Str and proper unit test.Hugo Lima2010-02-234-1/+56
* The C++-like enum values are now registered inside the related enums.Marcelo Lira2010-02-231-0/+7