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* Added some simple tests about multiple inheritance from two C++ objects.Hugo Lima2010-03-301-0/+70
* Adds test case for libsample's Size class copy constructor.Marcelo Lira2010-03-262-7/+14
* Fixes Converter<void*>::toPython method.Marcelo Lira2010-03-231-0/+6
* Adds tests to type system modifications regarding reference to pointer type.Marcelo Lira2010-03-222-0/+137
* Adding greedy method to CollectorLauro Neto2010-03-221-2/+15
* Adds a test for a method with modifications and custom conversion rules.Marcelo Lira2010-03-191-1/+17
* Added a unit test to check the object-type hashability.Hugo Lima2010-03-191-1/+7
* Allow hash-function tag to be definied in object-types (Fix bug #186).Hugo Lima2010-03-191-1/+1
* Write enum checks before int, long and bool checks.Hugo Lima2010-03-181-2/+5
* Renamed templates used for conversions of containers.Hugo Lima2010-03-183-3/+3
* Changed the semantic of Converter<T>::isConvertible method.Hugo Lima2010-03-182-6/+15
* Added test for conversion of lists with invalid contents.Hugo Lima2010-03-181-0/+5
* added support for pure virtual methods returning void ptrsMatti Airas2010-03-171-0/+11
* Merge branch 'master' into extensibleconversionsMarcelo Lira2010-03-042-1/+7
| * Merge remote branch 'hugopl/typediscovery2'Hugo Lima2010-03-032-1/+7
| |\
| | * Use polymorphic-id-expression to discover the correct type of a C++ object.Hugo Lima2010-03-021-1/+2
| | * Add test for bug on the current type discovery algorithm.Hugo Lima2010-03-021-0/+5
* | | Adds tests for a class without implicit conversions being extended in another...Marcelo Lira2010-03-023-0/+3
|/ /
* / Refactored and documented base Converters.Marcelo Lira2010-03-022-4/+4
* Adds unit test for implicit conversion defined by a conversion operator.Marcelo Lira2010-03-011-0/+50
* Fixed support for innerclass.Renato Filho2010-02-241-0/+38
* Adding default value for enum/flag constructorLauro Neto2010-02-231-0/+5
* Add hash function for Str and proper unit test.Hugo Lima2010-02-232-1/+44
* The C++-like enum values are now registered inside the related enums.Marcelo Lira2010-02-231-0/+7
* Remove warning in injected code related to comparison between signed and unsi...Hugo Lima2010-02-221-1/+1
* Adds test for C++ 'const char*' argument receiving a Python None as a null po...Marcelo Lira2010-02-201-0/+49
* All enums are now extensible to match the C++ casting behaviour.Marcelo Lira2010-02-201-4/+11
* Added more tests for bugs found in overload resolution.Hugo Lima2010-02-192-1/+19
* Fixing array deallocation in exampleLauro Neto2010-02-191-1/+1
* Adding test for sequenceToIntArrayLauro Neto2010-02-192-0/+52
* other binding does not link against sample binding.Hugo Lima2010-02-181-1/+1
* User definied converters are written outside Shiboken namespace.Hugo Lima2010-02-185-1/+10
* Adds 'reference-count' tag to ObjectView::setModel from test bindings.Marcelo Lira2010-02-101-1/+7
* Adds tests for reference counting in model/view style relationships.Marcelo Lira2010-02-104-0/+80
* Adds tests for classes with public member variables.Marcelo Lira2010-02-101-0/+122
* Implement support to conversion rule.Renato Filho2010-02-092-14/+24
* Adds tests for argument removal and type modification for virtual methods.Marcelo Lira2010-02-092-1/+40
* Fixes generation of binding reimplementation of modified virtual methods.Marcelo Lira2010-02-091-0/+3
* Adds test for argument removal plus argument type modification.Marcelo Lira2010-02-082-0/+24
* Fixing sort overloadLauro Neto2010-02-082-0/+21
* Shiboken::setParent also accepts list of children.Renato Filho2010-02-051-6/+3
* Fix Weakreference supportLauro Neto2010-02-041-2/+14
* Adding support for weakreferenceLauro Neto2010-02-031-0/+49
* Fix issue triggerd when an code injection on constructor tries to useHugo Lima2010-02-032-1/+50
* Fix crash when a virtual function with enum in they arguments is called from ...Hugo Lima2010-02-011-0/+9
* Create test for constructors with implicitly conversion and default args.Renato Filho2010-01-291-0/+3
* Add check of conversions errors on constructors.Hugo Lima2010-01-291-1/+5
* Add test for an impossible type discovery when the type has virtual functions.Hugo Lima2010-01-281-0/+42
* Adds support for void pointer conversions.Marcelo Lira2010-01-284-0/+54
* Changed API for PySequence_to_argc_argv.Hugo Lima2010-01-281-2/+2