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* Simplifies the generated code removing the use of std::auto_ptr.Hugo Parente Lima2010-10-281-0/+2
* Write copy constructor for Object types when there is one.Hugo Parente Lima2010-10-281-0/+2
* Ignore namespace crash on windows.renatofilho2010-10-221-0/+2
* Created test for abstract function with not exported type as agument.renatofilho2010-10-183-0/+10
* Fix bug#411 - "Incorrect return statement generated in a function that return...Hugo Parente Lima2010-10-182-0/+14
* Fixed namespace lookup during the class generation.renatofilho2010-10-151-0/+3
* Added test for overload decisor handling container dependencies.Marcelo Lira2010-10-155-0/+211
* Created unit test for unknown class holder.renatofilho2010-10-151-0/+55
* Unit test to target conversion.renatofilho2010-10-011-0/+44
* Shiboken avoids generating code for private enums.Marcelo Lira2010-09-301-1/+9
* Created unit test to unsafe parent (parent created from c++)renatofilho2010-09-242-0/+19
* Added tests for anonymous global and class bound enums.Marcelo Lira2010-09-201-0/+14
* Fix OverloadData::isSingleArgumentLauro Neto2010-09-201-0/+3
* Fix bug#339 - "RuntimeError when accessing mousepress event object"Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-172-1/+9
* Fix code generation for modified constructors.Luciano Wolf2010-09-133-0/+77
* Change the license boiler plates of all LGPL files removing the special excep...Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-0974-1480/+592
* Avoid call functions when an error occurs on argument conversion.Renato Filho2010-09-031-0/+2
* Fix linker problems on MSVC.Hugo Parente Lima2010-08-311-4/+4
* Impleted auto code for classes derived from list container.Renato Filho2010-08-301-0/+53
* Fix the type resolver algorithm.Hugo Parente Lima2010-08-301-2/+3
* Fixed libsample export to avoid warnings on windows.Renato Filho2010-08-191-3/+3
* fixed tests exported symbols.Renato Filho2010-08-1835-172/+170
* Create unit test to function with ambiguous signature in Python side.Renato Filho2010-08-163-1/+76
* Created unit test to operator().Renato Filho2010-08-111-0/+53
* Revert "Created operator != or __ne__ in Point class, to avoid tests errors ...Marcelo Lira2010-08-032-7/+0
* Created operator != or __ne__ in Point class, to avoid tests errors with Pyt...Renato Filho2010-08-022-0/+7
* Fix char* converterRenato Filho2010-07-273-24/+26
* Fixed wrong overload decisor generated code.Marcelo Lira2010-07-132-0/+35
* Fixes bug#253 - "Segmentation Fault when clicked on ListWidget with TableModel"Hugo Parente Lima2010-07-061-0/+3
* Add support for static fields.Hugo Parente Lima2010-07-022-0/+3
* Added test for finding type scope in cases involving inheritance.Marcelo Lira2010-06-291-0/+1
* Created unit tests for named arguments.Renato Filho2010-06-172-4/+37
* Added test function with an integer argument that have an enum as default value.Marcelo Lira2010-06-152-0/+8
* Fix problems on MacOSX due to uninitialized variables and mixing of int, uint...Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-155-22/+20
* MSVC complains about the missing operator< in Str when we use it on a std::list.Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-142-0/+6
* Added support for protected fields when not using the "protected hack".Marcelo Lira2010-06-031-0/+9
* Fixes code generation for classes with private destructors.Marcelo Lira2010-06-021-0/+3
* Generator improved to handle protected enums without the protected hack.Marcelo Lira2010-06-021-0/+6
* Adds protected enum test cases.Marcelo Lira2010-06-011-0/+14
* Fixed declaration of class SimpleFile.Renato Filho2010-05-262-30/+56
* API fixes.Renato Filho2010-05-1812-20/+23
* Adding test for #212 - Overloads with enumsLauro Neto2010-04-302-0/+10
* Merge remote branch 'luck/fixprivctor'Luciano Wolf2010-04-231-0/+61
| * Support to "only private constructor available" case.Luciano Wolf2010-04-211-0/+61
* | Use qualified class name when callign a method like self->ClassName::method().Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-221-0/+10
* | Added support for enums inside classes inside namespaces.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-221-0/+4
* | Add test for classes and inner classes inside namespaces.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-221-0/+12
* | Fixed argument policy propagate.Renato Filho2010-04-222-1/+3
* Better error messages when reimplementing virtual methods.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-081-0/+6
* Do not segfault when a null pointer is passed to Str constructor.Hugo Parente Lima2010-04-051-1/+2