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* Remove OS specific commands from translation test.Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-101-2/+5
* bug_300_test moved to QtGui, because it tests a class from QtGui.Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-032-18/+0
* Fix bug#320 - "OR'ing Qt alignments doesn't work; adding them does"Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-031-5/+10
* Fix bug#316 - "QAbstractItemModel.createIndex is broken"Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-012-0/+22
* Fix bug#309 - "QtCore.QByteArray() or list from QtCore.Qsettings.value() as d...Hugo Parente Lima2010-08-301-3/+5
* Fixed use of QFile to works on all plataforms.Renato Filho2010-08-231-2/+7
* Disable remove of QAbstractItemModel signals.Renato Filho2010-08-172-0/+18
* Avoid read the property in the QObject constructor.Renato Filho2010-08-161-6/+14
* Raise a error when try to modify a read-only property.Renato Filho2010-08-161-0/+15
* Added tests for QObject properties being set with named arguments on the cons...Marcelo Lira2010-08-131-0/+26
* Created unit test to QVariant converstion of QStringList.Renato Filho2010-08-132-0/+25
* Included support to double values on qAbs.Renato Filho2010-08-021-1/+2
* Fix bug273 - QT_VERSION and QT_VERSION_STR constants.Luciano Wolf2010-08-022-0/+19
* Fixed cyclic dependency on duck punching test.Renato Filho2010-07-291-0/+12
* Created unit test to test shiboken objects destructor.Renato Filho2010-07-292-0/+20
* Avoid running x11 specific tests on others OS.Renato Filho2010-07-231-1/+4
* Update tests to check native pointers (qchar *, void *, ...).Luciano Wolf2010-07-131-0/+3
* Fixed test ref count mistake.Renato Filho2010-07-091-6/+6
* Adding qInstallMsgHandler() method support.Luciano Wolf2010-06-212-0/+54
* Fixed thread test to avoid memory leaks.Renato Filho2010-06-141-0/+1
* Removed QVariant from PySide.Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-107-224/+53
* chmod -x on some tests, because we need to follow a pattern.Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-107-0/+0
* Re-add the possibility to run tests by module.Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-102-2/+1
* Added QDataStream methods to read and write QString, QChar and QStringList.Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-101-31/+15
* Remove wrapper for classes: QString, QStringRef, QLatin1String, QStringMatche...Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-1017-675/+30
* Created unit test for QDate, QTime, QDateTime, QUrl hash function.Renato Filho2010-06-082-0/+26
* Created new unittest model.Renato Filho2010-06-0776-0/+4508