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* Removed useless stuff from TypeResolver.Hugo Parente Lima2010-12-011-6/+4
* Remove SbkTypeInfo and CppObjectCopier structs, they aren't needed after the ↵Hugo Parente Lima2010-12-011-11/+6
| | | | fix on qt_metacall.
* Remove objectDeleter function and use the well known ↵Hugo Parente Lima2010-12-011-7/+1
| | | | Shiboken::callCppDestructor.
* Created private pointer for Shiboken Meta Type.Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho2010-11-191-2/+0
| | | | | | | Renamed ObjectType to BaseType. Reviewer: Luciano Wolf <> Hugo Parente Lima <>
* SbkBaseWrapperType renamed to SbkObjectType.Hugo Parente Lima2010-11-101-1/+1
* SbkBaseWrapperType and some other functions used by Python C-API moved ↵Hugo Parente Lima2010-11-101-2/+2
| | | | outside C++ namespaces.
* Implemented support to conversion without memory allocation.renatofilho2010-10-281-7/+11
| | | | | Reviewer: Luciano Wolf <> Marcelo Lira <>
* Change the license boiler plates of all LGPL files removing the special ↵Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-091-20/+8
| | | | | | | exception. Reviewer: Luciano Wolf <> Renato Araújo <>
* Create getType function on TypeResolver.Renato Filho2010-06-171-0/+8
| | | | | | | | This function allow the programmer discovery if a type is Object or Value type. Reviewer: Hugo Parente Lima <>, Marcelo Lira <>
* Automatically register all primitive types on TypeResover.Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-101-0/+6
| | | | | Reviewer: Renato Araújo <> Luciano Wolf <>
* Do not get the pointer of SbkType<T> function, so the compiler doesn't needHugo Lima2010-02-261-3/+3
| | | | | | to implement this function (inlining it when needed). This safe amazings 8KiB from QtGui :-)
* Implemented type discovery feature.Hugo Lima2010-01-141-0/+113
The problem: - There are two class, A and B, B inherits from A. - You are inside a virtual method reimplemented in python with just one parameter of type A*. - But the object referenced by a variable of type A* is an instance of B and it was created by C++, not Python! - Shiboken needs to create a PyObject of type B, not A! This does not makes sense for C++, but does for Python, because python variables does not store type information, just values. To achieve this we use RTTI to get the real type name of a variable, then we create the PyObject using the TypeResolver infrastructure initially developed to help with signal slot problems. In other words, the TypeResolver class has been moved from libpyside to libshiboken.