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* Fix BUG #1097 - "QtGui.QShortcut.setKey requires QKeySequence"Paulo Alcantara2011-12-221-15/+16
* Fixes SBK_CONVERTER macro and SbkEnumType structure.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-1/+4
* New converters for C++ enum and qflags types.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+12
* Stores C++ enum type names on enum types itself instead of yet another hash.Hugo Parente Lima2011-12-091-18/+12
* Don't call PyTypeReady on QFlags types in createEnum function, this is done w...Hugo Parente Lima2011-12-091-4/+1
* Updates creation of QFlags types at runtime.Hugo Parente Lima2011-12-091-9/+10
* Shiboken's enums now have converters.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-5/+34
* Fix bug 1033 - "QDialog.DialogCode instances and return value from QDialog.ex...Hugo Parente Lima2011-10-281-1/+4
* Fix regression with enums.Lauro Neto2011-10-201-26/+22
* Fixed code style on sbkenum.cppHugo Parente Lima2011-10-141-9/+4
* Fixed regression that made enums not hashable.Hugo Parente Lima2011-10-141-1/+5
* Removes printfs and fixes str test.Marcelo Lira2011-10-101-2/+0
* fix shiboken enum.Renato Filho2011-10-061-8/+19
* Update enum implemantation.Renato Filho2011-10-061-16/+86
* Fixed regressions caused on python2.x.Renato Filho2011-10-061-8/+18
* Implemented support to py3k on Shiboken::Enum.Renato Filho2011-10-061-14/+133
* Use PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT instead of PyObject_HEAD_INIT.Hugo Parente Lima2011-10-061-2/+1
* Using Py_TYPE macro instead of direct access to ob_type to work with Python 2...Hugo Parente Lima2011-10-061-1/+1
* Replaced all PyString_* by PyBytes_* as preparation for a Python 3.x port.Hugo Parente Lima2011-10-061-4/+4
* Creates type registers for enums in createScopedEnum and createGlobalEnum.Marcelo Lira2011-08-181-19/+17
* Added functions to provide a cleaner enum and flags initialization.Marcelo Lira2011-07-291-0/+75
* Now the generated code stores the enum cpp name on the PyThon type.Renato Filho2011-07-051-7/+30
* Fixed enum repr, print functions.Renato Filho2011-05-021-13/+18
* Fixed enum __repr__ function.Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho2011-01-281-9/+32
* Shiboken enums now have a tp_print representation.Marcelo Lira2011-01-211-1/+15
* Create enum python types on the fly, avoiding generation of structs and dupli...Hugo Parente Lima2010-11-101-38/+111
* pyenum.{h|cpp} moved to sbkenum.{h|cpp}Hugo Parente Lima2010-11-101-0/+141