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* Added a convenience method to check if a converter belongs to a wrapper type.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+3
* Added adapter class SpecificConverter to provide type conversion based on a g...Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-2/+31
* Added a "to Python" converter function that gets a SbkConverter object.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+1
* Added some setting and converting functions to the new converter's API.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-4/+12
* Added functions to the new converters API to check if a type is value or object.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+6
* Register type converters by name.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+6
* Fixes SBK_CONVERTER macro and SbkEnumType structure.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-2/+2
* Added SBK_CONVERTER, a macro to get the type converter whatever the type, but...Hugo Parente Lima2011-12-091-1/+3
* Updates creation of QFlags types at runtime.Hugo Parente Lima2011-12-091-1/+1
* New conversions for containers.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+22
* Converter can be registered and retrieved for string representations of types.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+6
* New converters for C++ primitive types.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-1/+43
* New converters for user added primitive types.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+11
* Implemented new type converters, but only for wrapper types.Marcelo Lira2011-12-091-0/+205