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* Added license boilerplates to all typesystem files.Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-091-0/+19
* Fix typesystem based on auto OS detection.Renato Filho2010-08-271-0/+1
* Fix compilation of QTest bindings on MacOSX.Hugo Parente Lima2010-06-091-0/+13
* Updating QEasingCurve and QTest to compile for ARMEL platforms.Luciano Wolf2010-06-081-0/+2
* Fixed typesystem parser warnings.Renato Filho2010-04-301-2/+2
* Use the right typesystem file for QtGui.Hugo Lima2010-03-231-2/+1
* Initial QtTest bindingsLauro Neto2010-03-041-0/+40