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diff --git a/libshiboken/sbkconverter.h b/libshiboken/sbkconverter.h
index 6c10df2a..1fddf5a9 100644
--- a/libshiboken/sbkconverter.h
+++ b/libshiboken/sbkconverter.h
@@ -212,6 +212,12 @@ LIBSHIBOKEN_API void nonePythonToCppNullPtr(PyObject*, void* cppOut);
LIBSHIBOKEN_API bool isImplicitConversion(SbkObjectType* type, PythonToCppFunc toCpp);
+/// Registers a converter with a type name that may be used to retrieve the converter.
+LIBSHIBOKEN_API void registerConverterName(SbkConverter* converter, const char* typeName);
+/// Returns the converter for a given type name, or NULL if it wasn't registered before.
+LIBSHIBOKEN_API SbkConverter* getConverter(const char* typeName);
/// Returns the converter for a primitive type.
LIBSHIBOKEN_API SbkConverter* primitiveTypeConverter(int index);