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--- a/libshiboken/bindingmanager.h
+++ b/libshiboken/bindingmanager.h
@@ -42,26 +42,13 @@ public:
void registerWrapper(SbkObject* pyObj, void* cptr);
void releaseWrapper(SbkObject* wrapper);
SbkObject* retrieveWrapper(const void* cptr);
PyObject* getOverride(const void* cptr, const char* methodName);
- /// Invalidate the Python wrapper and removes the relations from C++ pointers to the Python wrapper.
- void invalidateWrapper(SbkObject* wrapper);
- /// Convenience method to call invalidateWrapper with a properly cast SbkBaseWrapper.
- void invalidateWrapper(PyObject* wrapper);
- /// Convenience method to invalidate the Python wrapper for a C++ wrapped object. Do nothing if C++ pointer has no Python wrapper.
- void invalidateWrapper(const void* cptr);
- /// Transfers the ownership of a Python wrapper to C++.
- void transferOwnershipToCpp(SbkObject* wrapper);
- /// Convenience method to call transferOwnershipToCpp with a properly cast SbkBaseWrapper.
- void transferOwnershipToCpp(PyObject* wrapper);
void addClassInheritance(SbkObjectType* parent, SbkObjectType* child);
SbkObjectType* resolveType(void* cptr, SbkObjectType* type);
- /// Called by wrapper destructor
- void destroyWrapper(const void* cptr);
- void destroyWrapper(SbkObject* wrapper);
std::set<SbkObject*> getAllPyObjects();