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diff --git a/generator/shibokengenerator.h b/generator/shibokengenerator.h
index a238b2c0..c660f2ef 100644
--- a/generator/shibokengenerator.h
+++ b/generator/shibokengenerator.h
@@ -207,14 +207,14 @@ public:
void writeToCppConversion(QTextStream& s, const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass, const QString& argumentName);
/// Verifies if the class should have a C++ wrapper generated for it, instead of only a Python wrapper.
- static bool shouldGenerateCppWrapper(const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass);
+ bool shouldGenerateCppWrapper(const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass) const;
/// Adds enums eligible for generation from classes/namespaces marked not to be generated.
static void lookForEnumsInClassesNotToBeGenerated(AbstractMetaEnumList& enumList, const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass);
/// Returns the enclosing class for an enum, or NULL if it should be global.
const AbstractMetaClass* getProperEnclosingClassForEnum(const AbstractMetaEnum* metaEnum);
- static QString wrapperName(const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass);
+ QString wrapperName(const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass) const;
static QString fullPythonFunctionName(const AbstractMetaFunction* func);
static QString protectedEnumSurrogateName(const AbstractMetaEnum* metaEnum);
@@ -310,8 +310,10 @@ public:
bool useReturnValueHeuristic() const;
/// Returns true if the user enabled PySide extensions.
bool usePySideExtensions() const;
- /// Return true if the generator should use the result of isNull()const to compute boolean casts.
+ /// Returns true if the generator should use the result of isNull()const to compute boolean casts.
bool useIsNullAsNbNonZero() const;
+ /// Returns true if the generated code should use the "#define protected public" hack.
+ bool avoidProtectedHack() const;
QString cppApiVariableName(const QString& moduleName = QString()) const;
QString getTypeIndexVariableName(const TypeEntry* metaType);
/// Returns true if the user don't want verbose error messages on the generated bindings.
@@ -354,7 +356,7 @@ protected:
const AbstractMetaFunction* metaFunc,
Options options = NoOption) const;
- static AbstractMetaFunctionList filterFunctions(const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass);
+ AbstractMetaFunctionList filterFunctions(const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass);
// All data about extended converters: the type entries of the target type, and a
// list of AbstractMetaClasses accepted as argument for the conversion.
@@ -372,6 +374,7 @@ private:
bool m_usePySideExtensions;
bool m_verboseErrorMessagesDisabled;
bool m_useIsNullAsNbNonZero;
+ bool m_avoidProtectedHack;