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-Binding Generation Tutorial
-This tutorial intends to describe the process of binding creation with
-|project| and using a very simple Qt4 based library will be used as an
-The image below shows the inputs needed to generate the binding source code.
-.. image:: images/generatorworkings.png
-Putting in words, the user provides the headers for the library along with a
-typesystem file describing how the classes will be exposed in the target
-language, as well as any needed custom source code to be merged with
-the generated source code.
-This tutorial will go through the steps needed to have the binding
-being able to be imported and used from a Python program.
-**NOTE:** the binding generator is intended to be used with Qt4 based libraries
-only, at least for the time being.
-.. toctree::
- :maxdepth: 3
- libfoo
- bindinglibfoo
- typesystemcreation
- globalheader
- buildingthebinding