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-The Global Header
-Besides the information provided by the typesystem, the generator needs to
-gather more data from the library headers containing the classes to be exposed
-in Python. If there is a header that include all the others (or just one, as is
-the case of **libfoo**) this could be passed directly to the generator.
-If such a file is not available, or only a subset of the library is desired, or
-if some flags must be defined before parsing the library headers, then a
-``global.h`` file must be provided.
-The use of a ``global.h`` file is preferred if some macros must be defined
-before the parser gather data from the headers. For example, if ``NULL`` is not
-defined and it is used as a default paramater for some constructor or method,
-the parser will not recognize it.
-To solve this create a ``global.h`` including all the desired headers and the
-defined (and undefined) flags as follows:
- #undef QT_NO_STL
- #undef QT_NO_STL_WCHAR
- #ifndef NULL
- #define NULL 0
- #endif
- #include <foo.h>