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+Command line options
+At the moment, there is just one flag to change the |project| behaviour, ``--enable-parent-ctor-heuristic``. This flag enable an usefull heuristic which can save a lot of work when writing the typesystem.
+This heuristic will be triggered when generating code for a method and:
+* The function is a constructor.
+* The argument name is "parent".
+* The argument type is a pointer to an object.
+When triggered, the heuristic will set the argument named "parent" as the parent of the current object.
+Being a child of an object means that when the object's parent dies, the C++ instance also dies, so the Python references will be invalidated.
+The main focus of this tag was to remove a lot of hand written code from typesystem when binding Qt libraries, for Qt, this heuristic is never wrong, but be aware that it might be when binding your own libraries.