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+.TH GENERATORRUNNER 1 "SEPTEMBER 2009" Linux "User Manuals"
+generatorrunner - plugin-based binding source code generator
+.B generatorrunner \-\-generator-set=<plugin name> [options] header-file typesystem-file
+.B generatorrunner
+is a utility that uses the information taken from APIExtractor
+related to the provided C++ headers and typesystem files and execute
+generators using this information. Generators are plugins and you need
+to specify one using the \-\-generator-set parameter. At the moment there
+are two generators available:
+.B qtdoc
+\- Generates Sphinx-based documentation for C++ libraries documented using
+.B qdoc3
+documentation syntax, using the XML files created by the documentation tool
+.B (qdoc3).
+Can be called supplying
+.B \-\-generator-set=qtdoc
+.B generatorrunner
+or by calling the convenience executable
+.B docgenerator.
+Other plugins can be used with
+.B generatorrunner,
+provided that they follow the generator front-end specifications,
+and can be written to generate code or documentation for any target
+languague you desire. For more information about the generator front-end
+architecture and current limitations, refer to
+.SS "General options"
+.IP \-\-api-version=<version>
+Specify the supported api version used to generate the bindings.
+.IP \-\-debug-level=[sparse|medium|full]
+The amount of messages displayed.
+.IP \-\-documentation-only
+Only generates the documentation.
+.IP \-\-drop-type-entries="<TypeEntry0>[;TypeEntry1;...]"
+Semicolon separated list of type system entries (classes, namespaces, global functions and enums) to be dropped from generation.
+.IP \-\-help \fR,\fP \-h \fR,\fP -?
+Prints the usage message.
+.IP \-\-project-file=<file>
+Text file containing a description of the binding project. Replaces and overrides command line arguments.
+.IP \-\-include\-paths=\fI<path>[:path:..]\fR
+The directories where the generator will search for the
+headers. Works like gcc's \-I flag.
+.IP \-\-license\-file=\fI[licensefile]\fR
+Template for copyright headers of generated files.
+.IP \-\-no\-supress\-warnings
+Show all warnings.
+.IP \-\-output\-directory=\fI[dir]\fR
+The directory where the generated files will be written.
+.IP \-\-silent
+Avoid printing any messages.
+.IP \-\-typesytem\-paths=\fI<path>[:path:..]\fR
+The directories where the generator will search for the
+external typesystems referred by the main one.
+.IP \-\-version
+Displays the current version.
+Drops support for named args.
+.SS "Specific to qtdoc plugin"
+.IP \-\-documentation\-code\-snippets\-dir
+Directory used to search code snippets used by the documentation
+.IP \-\-documentation\-data\-dir
+Directory with XML files generated by documentation tool (qdoc3 or Doxygen)
+.IP \-\-documentation\-out\-dir
+The directory where the generated documentation files will be written
+.IP \-\-library\-source\-dir
+Directory where library source code is located
+Lauro Moura <lauro.neto at openbossa dot org>, Bruno Araujo <bruno.araujo at openbossa dot org>, Hugo Lima <hugo.lima at openbossa dot org>