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committerMarcelo Lira <>2010-01-15 20:12:25 -0300
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Adding new tests related to threads/GIL locking
- Event loop - calling virtual methods from C++ - Event loop with thread - calling virtuals from C++ along with accessing the binding from another python thread - Thread locking - blocker C++ method that is unlocked from another python thread For these tests, a new ObjectType subclass was added, Bucket, which is just a container for the producer/consumer tests and has the lock/unlock method. Reviewed by Marcelo Lira <>
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diff --git a/tests/libsample/objecttype.h b/tests/libsample/objecttype.h
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--- a/tests/libsample/objecttype.h
+++ b/tests/libsample/objecttype.h
@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ public:
// Returns true if the event is processed.
virtual bool event(Event* event);
+ static int processEvent(ObjectTypeList objects, Event *event);
// This nonsense method emulate QWidget.setLayout method
// All layout objects will became children of this object.