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* added the ObjectType example which adds some cases similar to
those on Qt's QObject (object name, parent and children list), although no ownership test was added yet. * added method Abstract::getObjectId(Abstract*) as a case of an argument that should be converted to an abstract type. * added ListUser::multiplyPointList(std::list<Point*>&, double), which tests the conversion from a Python list of Point wrappers to a C++ list whose items will be altered.
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diff --git a/tests/libsample/abstract.h b/tests/libsample/abstract.h
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--- a/tests/libsample/abstract.h
+++ b/tests/libsample/abstract.h
@@ -53,6 +53,9 @@ public:
// factory method
static Abstract* createObject() { return 0; }
+ // method that receives an Object Type
+ static int getObjectId(Abstract* obj) { return obj->id(); }
virtual void pureVirtual() = 0;
virtual void unpureVirtual();