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Renamed OverloadData::hasDefaultValue to OverloadData::getFunctionWithDefaultValue
and modified it to return a pointer to the actual AbstractMetaFunction with the default value (or NULL if it doesn't has the value), instead of just returning a boolean. The overload decisor writer makes use of this new behavior to get the correct function for a method call with default values.
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diff --git a/overloaddata.h b/overloaddata.h
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--- a/overloaddata.h
+++ b/overloaddata.h
@@ -60,7 +60,9 @@ public:
/// Returns the root OverloadData object that represents all the overloads.
OverloadData* headOverloadData() const { return m_headOverloadData; }
- bool hasDefaultValue() const;
+ /// Returns the function that has a default value at the current OverloadData argument position, otherwise returns null.
+ const AbstractMetaFunction* getFunctionWithDefaultValue() const;
bool nextArgumentHasDefaultValue() const;
/// Returns the nearest occurrence, including this instance, of an argument with a default value.
OverloadData* findNextArgWithDefault();