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added the method OverloadData::findNextArgWithDefault() which returns
the nearest occurrence of an argument with a default value. this could be used when the overload has only one signature and some of the arguments ahead could have default values leading to more than one way of calling the method.
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diff --git a/overloaddata.h b/overloaddata.h
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--- a/overloaddata.h
+++ b/overloaddata.h
@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@ public:
bool isHeadOverloadData() const { return this == m_headOverloadData; }
bool hasDefaultValue() const;
bool nextArgumentHasDefaultValue() const;
+ /// Returns the nearest occurrence, including this instance, of an argument with a default value.
+ OverloadData* findNextArgWithDefault();
bool isFinalOccurrence(const AbstractMetaFunction* func) const;
QList<const AbstractMetaFunction*> overloads() const { return m_overloads; }