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authorHugo Parente Lima <>2010-08-30 11:19:22 -0300
committerHugo Parente Lima <>2010-08-30 17:44:16 -0300
commit1eda671a34eba38e7e74e592e4ae88fa6803bcba (patch)
treea7abd551d478f100579067b948e1a17103aedcfb /libshiboken/conversions.h
parent3dc673c7bcbad1613b9d3d6ff3dd4a73be41915d (diff)
Fix the type resolver algorithm.
The new algorithm do the following: - Try to use type_info on the object the get the object real name. - Try to find a type resolver with the name returned by type_info. - If a type resolver was found, get the python type. - Else, ask binding manager to resolve the type walking on all possible subclasses found in the inheritance tree. The binding manager has a graph representing the class inheritance tree. Note: This commit break the libshiboken ABI, but not the API. Reviewer: Luciano Wolf <> Renato Ara├║jo <>
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diff --git a/libshiboken/conversions.h b/libshiboken/conversions.h
index 6247c55d..8caa56c8 100644
--- a/libshiboken/conversions.h
+++ b/libshiboken/conversions.h
@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
#include <Python.h>
#include <limits>
#include <memory>
+#include <typeinfo>
#include "pyenum.h"
#include "basewrapper.h"
@@ -119,8 +120,11 @@ struct CppObjectCopier<T, true>
template<typename T>
inline PyObject* createWrapper(const T* cppobj, bool hasOwnership = false, bool isExactType = false)
+ const char* typeName = 0;
+ if (!isExactType)
+ typeName = typeid(*const_cast<T*>(cppobj)).name();
return SbkBaseWrapper_New(reinterpret_cast<SbkBaseWrapperType*>(SbkType<T>()),
- const_cast<T*>(cppobj), hasOwnership, isExactType);
+ const_cast<T*>(cppobj), hasOwnership, isExactType, typeName);
// Base Conversions ----------------------------------------------------------