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authorMarcelo Lira <>2010-12-22 14:58:37 -0300
committerMarcelo Lira <>2010-12-23 11:03:04 -0300
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Added support for promoting enums from removed namespaces to upper scope.
Classes in namespaces marked not to be generated are always moved to upper scopes, the current modification add this same behaviour to enums. Tests were also added. Reviewed by Lauro Moura <> Reviewed by Renato Ara├║jo <>
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diff --git a/generator/shibokengenerator.h b/generator/shibokengenerator.h
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--- a/generator/shibokengenerator.h
+++ b/generator/shibokengenerator.h
@@ -209,6 +209,11 @@ public:
/// Verifies if the class should have a C++ wrapper generated for it, instead of only a Python wrapper.
static bool shouldGenerateCppWrapper(const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass);
+ /// Adds enums eligible for generation from classes/namespaces marked not to be generated.
+ static void lookForEnumsInClassesNotToBeGenerated(AbstractMetaEnumList& enumList, const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass);
+ /// Returns the enclosing class for an enum, or NULL if it should be global.
+ const AbstractMetaClass* getProperEnclosingClassForEnum(const AbstractMetaEnum* metaEnum);
static QString wrapperName(const AbstractMetaClass* metaClass);
static QString fullPythonFunctionName(const AbstractMetaFunction* func);