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Added documentation for sequence protocol support in shiboken.
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+Sequence Protocol
+Support for the sequence protocol is achieved adding functions with special names, this is done using the add-function tag.
+The special function names are:
+ ============= =============================================== ==================== ===================
+ Function name Parameters Return type CPython equivalent
+ ============= =============================================== ==================== ===================
+ __len__ PyObject* self Py_ssize_t PySequence_Size
+ __getitem__ PyObject* self, Py_ssize_t _i PyObject* PySequence_GetItem
+ __setitem__ PyObject* self, Py_ssize_t _i, PyObject* _value int PySequence_SetItem
+ __contains__ PyObject* self, PyObject* _value int PySequence_Contains
+ __concat__ PyObject* self, PyObject* _other PyObject* PySequence_Concat
+ ============= =============================================== ==================== ===================
+You just need to inform the function name to the add-function tag, without any parameter or return type information, when you do it, |project| will create a C function with parameters and return type definied by the table above.
+The function needs to follow the same semantics of the *CPython equivalent* function, the only way to do it is using the inject-code tag.
+A concrete exemple how to add sequence protocol support to a class can be found on shiboken tests, more precisely in the definition of the Str class in ``tests/samplebinding/typesystem_sample.xml``.