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+Generator Overview
+In a few words, the Generator is a system that
+parses a collecion of header and typesystem files, generating other
+files (code, documentation, etc.) as result.
+Creating new bindings
+.. figure:: images/bindinggen-development.png
+ :scale: 80
+ :align: center
+ Creating new bindings
+Each module of the generator system has a specific role.
+1. Provide enough data about the classes and functions.
+2. Generate valid code, with modifications from typesystems and
+ injected codes.
+3. Modify the API to expose the objects in a Python-friendly way.
+4. Insert customizations where handwritten code is needed.
+.. figure:: images/boostqtarch.png
+ :scale: 80
+ :align: center
+ Runtime architecture
+Handwritten inputs
+Creating new bindings involves creating two pieces of "code":
+The typesystem and the inject code.
+:typesystem: XML files that provides the developer with a tool to
+ customize the way that the generators will see the classes
+ and functions. For example, functions can be renamed, have
+ its signature changed and many other actions.
+:inject code: allows the developer to insert handwritten code where
+ the generated code is not suitable or needs some customization.