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committerMarcelo Lira <>2010-06-17 17:44:56 -0300
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Adds support for named arguments in function calls.
Only C++ arguments with default values will be turned into Python named arguments.
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diff --git a/cppgenerator.h b/cppgenerator.h
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--- a/cppgenerator.h
+++ b/cppgenerator.h
@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ private:
void writeMinimalConstructorCallArguments(QTextStream& s, const AbstractMetaType* type);
void writeMethodWrapper(QTextStream &s, const AbstractMetaFunctionList overloads);
void writeArgumentsInitializer(QTextStream& s, OverloadData& overloadData);
+ void writeNamedArgumentsCheck(QTextStream& s, OverloadData& overloadData);
void writeCppSelfDefinition(QTextStream& s, const AbstractMetaFunction* func);
void writeErrorSection(QTextStream& s, OverloadData& overloadData);
@@ -120,6 +121,7 @@ private:
/// Writes the call to a single function usually from a collection of overloads.
void writeSingleFunctionCall(QTextStream& s, const OverloadData& overloadData, const AbstractMetaFunction* func = 0);
+ void writeNamedArgumentResolution(QTextStream& s, const AbstractMetaFunction* func, bool usePyArgs);
/// Returns a string containing the name of an argument for the given function and argument index.
QString argumentNameFromIndex(const AbstractMetaFunction* func, int argIndex, const AbstractMetaClass** wrappedClass);