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* libds/common/flags.h - fix a comment's typoMatthias Dieter Wallnöfer2010-08-101-1/+1
* libds:common Remove DS_DC_* domain functionality flagsAndrew Bartlett2010-06-231-8/+4
* flags.h - fix comment for "GTYPE_SECURITY_UNIVERSAL_GROUP" constantMatthias Dieter Wallnöfer2010-05-261-1/+1
* Replaced DS_FLAG_ATTR_IS_CRITICAL with SCHEMA_FLAG_ATTR_IS_CRITICAL.Nadezhda Ivanova2010-05-031-3/+0
* Added a couple of systemFlags, needed for determining filtered attributes.Nadezhda Ivanova2010-05-031-0/+4
* s4-drs: Do not allow system-critical attributes to be RODC filteredFernando J V da Silva2010-04-221-0/+3
* libds: added recyclebin feature GUIDAndrew Tridgell2010-02-121-0/+3
* libds: added GUIDs for wellknown AD objectsAndrew Tridgell2009-12-161-0/+13
* libds: added nTDSDSA options flagsAndrew Tridgell2009-10-151-0/+7
* libds: fixed spelling errorAndrew Tridgell2009-09-281-1/+1
* s4-drs: add defines for replication flags on attributesAndrew Tridgell2009-09-241-0/+3
* libds/common/flags: variousMatthias Dieter Wallnöfer2009-09-172-28/+36
* libds: merge the UF<->ACB flag mapping functions.Günther Deschner2009-07-131-0/+143
* libds: share UF_ flags between samba3 and 4.Günther Deschner2009-07-131-0/+177