Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* finish VPATH -> vpath translationstagingPaolo Bonzini2010-01-084-6/+4
* multiboot: Separate multiboot loading into separate fileAdam Lackorzynski2010-01-084-303/+347
* multiboot: Support arbitrary number of modules.Adam Lackorzynski2010-01-081-101/+167
* linuxboot: fix gdt address calculationAvi Kivity2010-01-081-2/+3
* QMP: Drop wrong assert()Luiz Capitulino2010-01-081-1/+0
* block/vdi: allow disk sizes not multiple of block sizeFrançois Revol2010-01-081-2/+5
* net: add API to disable/enable pollingMichael S. Tsirkin2010-01-082-0/+11
* debugcon: support for debugging consoles (e.g. Bochs port 0xe9)H. Peter Anvin2010-01-084-1/+142
* Makefile: Update unmodified config-devices.mak automaticallyStefan Weil2010-01-081-5/+15
* Use vpath directivePaolo Bonzini2010-01-087-13/+16
* oss: workaround for cases when OSS_GETVERSION is not definedmalc2010-01-081-1/+12
* Sparc32: clear exception_index with -1 valueBlue Swirl2010-01-071-1/+1
* Drop --whole-archive and static librariesAndreas Färber2010-01-077-204/+202
* vnc: Fix artifacts in hextile decodingAnthony Liguori2010-01-071-0/+2
* Cocoa: Use optimized drawing for the windowAndreas Färber2010-01-071-0/+1
* Cocoa: Suppress window resize animationAndreas Färber2010-01-071-1/+1
* Cocoa: Shutdown when window is closedAndreas Färber2010-01-071-0/+5
* Cocoa: Don't unconditionally show the windowAndreas Färber2010-01-071-0/+10
* Cocoa: Redraw the View asynchronouslyAndreas Färber2010-01-071-1/+1
* Cocoa: Mark the View as opaqueAndreas Färber2010-01-071-0/+5
* Cocoa: Fix compilation on Mac OS X v10.4 and earlierAndreas Färber2010-01-071-7/+10
* Cocoa: Silence type warningAndreas Färber2010-01-071-1/+1
* Cocoa: Silence warning on Big Endian hostAndreas Färber2010-01-071-1/+1
* Cocoa: Silence warning for cocoa_keycode_to_qemuAndreas Färber2010-01-071-1/+1
* Cocoa: ppc64 host supportAndreas Färber2010-01-071-0/+8
* sparc64: clear exception_index with -1 valueIgor V. Kovalenko2010-01-061-1/+1
* Merge remote branch 'mst/for_anthony' into stagingAnthony Liguori2010-01-0622-198/+869
| * list MST as pci layer maintainerMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-1/+1
| * piix_pci: add link to i440fx data sheet.Isaku Yamahata2009-12-231-0/+5
| * piix_pci: use range helper functionIsaku Yamahata2009-12-231-3/+3
| * piix_pci: define symbolic value for PAM0, PAM6 and SMRAM.Isaku Yamahata2009-12-231-5/+12
| * msix: use range helper function.Isaku Yamahata2009-12-231-1/+1
| * acpi: use range helper function.Isaku Yamahata2009-12-231-1/+1
| * gt64xxx: remove gt64120_{read, write}_config().Isaku Yamahata2009-12-231-12/+1
| * pci: use pci_regs.hIsaku Yamahata2009-12-231-74/+3
| * pci: import Linux pci_regs.hIsaku Yamahata2009-12-231-0/+665
| * pci: s/PCI_SUBVENDOR_ID/PCI_SUBSYSTEM_VENDOR_ID/gIsaku Yamahata2009-12-232-2/+2
| * pci: remove PCIBus::config_reg.Isaku Yamahata2009-12-231-1/+0
| * pci: remove unused macroMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-1/+0
| * usb-ohci: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-2/+4
| * usb-uhci: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-3/+4
| * ac97: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-26/+31
| * wdt_i6300esb: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-1/+1
| * es1370: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-14/+15
| * pci: add another devsel macroMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-0/+1
| * lsi: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-4/+6
| * vmware_vga: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-9/+11
| * cmd646: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-3/+4
| * piix: symbolic constantsMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-5/+8
| * eepro100: symbolic names for pci registersMichael S. Tsirkin2009-12-231-17/+32