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<p>PySide is built using the <a href="">Shiboken</a> binding generator.</p>
- <table class="contentstable" align="center" style="margin-left: 30px"><tr>
+ <div class="admonition warning">
+ <strong>Note:</strong> The PySide class reference documentation is automatically generated from the original Qt documentation for C++, some parts were tuned to fit the Python world, however is not possible to rewrite all Qt docs as it would require a really huge effort, so if the documentation says you can use 0 on an QObject argument, interpret it as None.
+ </div>
+ <table class="contentstable" align="center" ><tr>
<td width="50%">
<p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("PySide/QtCore/index") }}">QtCore</a><br/>
<span class="linkdescr">core non-GUI functionality</span></p>