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* - QtDocGenerator is now a GeneratorRunner plugin.Hugo Lima2009-08-253-220/+4
| | | | - A lot of methods moved from boostpythongenerator to the generator class.
* Added boostpython as a generator plugin.Hugo Lima2009-08-255-6/+123
* The current generators will be just plugins and all generator stuff in ↵Hugo Lima2009-08-258-0/+2708
APIExtractor were moved to this project. So we need to re-think if boostpythongenerator still a good name for the project, because boostpythongenerator will be the name of the plugin to generate bindings for boost::python. Also the generators were just moved to a subdirectory (generators) and the boostpython generators to a sub-subdirectory (generators/boostpython), transform them in plugins will be a second milestone.