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authorHugo Lima <>2009-08-21 15:38:43 -0300
committerHugo Lima <>2009-08-25 16:23:11 -0300
commit55ec8a2a4d1c9453e9ba5b27bf8542fa4d586939 (patch)
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parent86c00c1d694cfc69b58ac2fbd0d7744c7f95e39a (diff)
Removed redundant PATHSPLITTER macro, using the already definied PATH_SPLITTER one instead.
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diff --git a/main.cpp b/main.cpp
index 14ebad6..0c14e06 100644
--- a/main.cpp
+++ b/main.cpp
@@ -75,11 +75,6 @@ QMap<QString, QString> getCommandLineArgs(int argc, char** argv)
void printUsage(const GeneratorList& generators)
- #if defined(Q_OS_WIN32)
- #define PATHSPLITTER ";"
- #else
- #define PATHSPLITTER ":"
- #endif
QTextStream s(stdout);
s << "Usage:\n "
<< "generator [options] header-file typesystem-file\n\n"
@@ -90,8 +85,8 @@ void printUsage(const GeneratorList& generators)
generalOptions.insert("help", "Display this help and exit");
generalOptions.insert("no-suppress-warnings", "Show all warnings");
generalOptions.insert("output-directory=[dir]", "The directory where the generated files will be written");
- generalOptions.insert("include-paths=<path>[" PATHSPLITTER "<path>" PATHSPLITTER "...]", "Include paths used by the C++ parser");
- generalOptions.insert("typesystem-paths=<path>[" PATHSPLITTER "<path>" PATHSPLITTER "...]", "Paths used when searching for typesystems");
+ generalOptions.insert("include-paths=<path>[" PATH_SPLITTER "<path>" PATH_SPLITTER "...]", "Include paths used by the C++ parser");
+ generalOptions.insert("typesystem-paths=<path>[" PATH_SPLITTER "<path>" PATH_SPLITTER "...]", "Paths used when searching for typesystems");
generalOptions.insert("documentation-only", "Do not generates any code, just the documentation");
generalOptions.insert("license-file=[licensefile]", "File used for copyright headers of generated files");
generalOptions.insert("version", "Output version information and exit");