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- Prepare for a near future when we will need to worry about BIC changes,
Now it uses a d-pointer and do not export private methods/structures. - Mark some methods as deprecated, as they doesn't belong to Generator, being a huge cohesion failure IMO. - Fixed constness of some methods. Deprecated methods: AbstractMetaFunctionList filterFunctions(const AbstractMetaClass *cppClass); AbstractMetaFunctionList queryFunctions(const AbstractMetaClass *cpp_class, bool all_function = false); AbstractMetaFunctionList queryGlobalOperators(const AbstractMetaClass *cpp_class); AbstractMetaFunctionList sortConstructor(AbstractMetaFunctionList list); Moved method: verifyDirectoryFor is now a ordinary global function like formatCode, because it's a helper function not related with code generation. All these methods would be somewhere/somehow in APIExtractor, because they are basically helper methods to supply some APIExtractor missing functionalities. Note: Shiboken and BoostPython generator needs some minor fixes to adapt to changed caused by this patch.
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+#define GENRUNNER_DEPRECATED __attribute__ ((deprecated))