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simplify efl version and initialization in a macro, fixes libtool version-info.
Introduces EFL_VERSION() to make it simpler to define our version. The last parameter is the release status, defaults to 'dev' for development purposes and may be set to something else to be a snapshot. It non-empty will be given to libtool's -release. As EFL_VERSION() must be done *before* AC_INIT(), we need to create another macro to do the AC_SUBST() and AC_DEFINE(). This is EFL_INIT. And no, we can't just call AC_INIT() from inside EFL_INIT(). Last but not least, we had a problem with our libtool version-info. It was being calculated as MAJOR + MINOR, right now 1 + 7 = 8. But as soon as we get to MAJOR=2 and MINOR=0, we get into problems. This was fixed by rewriting as (MAJOR * 100 + MINOR), but this is still problematic. According to libtool's manual (info libtool), we shouldn't bind the version-info with package info, instead doing the 'release' field. Pretty likely we'll do worse than expected by distros and binary packages in future :-/ SVN revision: 82891
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diff --git a/m4/efl.m4 b/m4/efl.m4
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@@ -1,5 +1,79 @@
dnl file to manage modules in efl
+dnl EFL_VERSION(major, minor, micro, release)
+dnl This setup EFL version information and should be called BEFORE AC_INIT().
+dnl release parameter is 'dev' to use from SVN or libtool -release field.
+dnl It may be empty if not dev (svn/live build) and no -release is to be used.
+dnl Examples:
+dnl EFL_VERSION(1, 7, 99, dev)
+dnl EFL_VERSION(1, 7, 99, ver-1234)
+dnl This will define couple of m4 symbols:
+dnl v_maj = given major number (first parameter)
+dnl v_min = given minor number (second parameter)
+dnl v_mic = given micro number (third parameter)
+dnl v_rev = if release, it's 0, otherwise it's dev_version.
+dnl v_rel = if release, it's -release followed by fourth parameter,
+dnl otherwise it's empty. (mostly for libtool)
+dnl efl_version = if release, it's major.minor.micro, otherwise it's
+dnl major.minor.micro.dev_version
+dnl dev_version = development version (svn revision).
+dnl def_build_profile = dev or release based on 'dev' release parameter.
+m4_define([v_maj], [$1])dnl
+m4_define([v_min], [$2])dnl
+m4_define([v_mic], [$3])dnl
+m4_define([dev_version], m4_esyscmd([(LC_ALL=C svnversion "${SVN_REPO_PATH:-.}" | grep -v '\(export\|Unversioned directory\)' || echo 0) | cut -d: -f2 | tr -d ' :MSP\n']))dnl
+m4_if(dev_version, [0], [m4_define([v_rev], m4_esyscmd([git log 2> /dev/null | (grep -m1 git-svn-id || echo 0) | sed -e 's/.*@\([0-9]*\).*/\1/' | tr -d '\n']))])dnl
+m4_define([v_rev], m4_if($4, dev, [dev_version], [0]))dnl
+m4_define([v_rel], m4_if($4, dev, [], m4_ifblank($4, [], [-release $4])))dnl
+m4_define([def_build_profile], m4_if($4, dev, [dev], [release]))dnl
+m4_define([efl_version], m4_if($4, dev, [v_maj.v_min.v_mic.v_rev], [v_maj.v_min.v_mic]))dnl
+dnl EFL_INIT()
+dnl Will AC_DEFINE() the following:
+dnl VMAJ = v_maj
+dnl VMIN = v_min
+dnl VMIC = v_mic
+dnl VREV = v_rev
+dnl Will AC_SUBST() the following:
+dnl VMAJ = v_maj
+dnl VMIN = v_min
+dnl EFL_LTLIBRARY_FLAGS="-no-undefined -version-info ..."
+dnl EFL_LTMODULE_FLAGS="-no-undefined -avoid-version"
+dnl Will define the following m4:
+dnl lt_cur = libtool 'current' field of libtool's -version-info
+dnl lt_rev = libtool 'revision' field of libtool's -version-info
+dnl lt_age = libtool 'age' field of libtool's -version-info
+AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([VMAJ], [v_maj], [Major version])dnl
+AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([VMIN], [v_min], [Minor version])dnl
+AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([VMIC], [v_mic], [Micro version])dnl
+AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([VREV], [v_rev], [Revison])dnl
+dnl TODO: warning - lt_cur:
+dnl the previous code assumed v_maj + v_min, but this will be a problem when
+dnl we bump v_maj and reset v_min. 1 + 7 == 7 + 1, so if v_maj is bumped
+dnl we multiply it by 100.
+m4_define([lt_cur], m4_if(m4_cmp(v_maj, 1), 0, m4_eval(v_maj + v_min), m4_eval(v_maj * 100 + v_min)))dnl
+m4_define([lt_rev], v_mic)dnl
+m4_define([lt_age], v_min)dnl
+EFL_LTLIBRARY_FLAGS="-no-undefined -version-info lt_cur:lt_rev:lt_age v_rel"
+EFL_LTMODULE_FLAGS="-no-undefined -avoid-version"
+AC_MSG_NOTICE([Initialized AC_PACKAGE_NAME (AC_PACKAGE_VERSION) development=dev_version v_rel])
dnl does PKG_CHECK_MODULES() for given EFL